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An operator with Industrial Focus

Understanding our partners business is essential to us,

as we strive to deliver the best possible service.


The original company was founded in 1992. During its early days, it was focused on shipping agency and railway transportation servicing companies. The company was carrying cargoes for fertilizer producers, for transit through Ukrainean territory with direction to ports or other destinations.

During this period the company developed and diversified into other railway related activities such as terminals, storage facilities, fertiliziers trade as well as other logistics activities.

In the last 5 years the group was carrying mostly Coal in the amount of about 6 million tones per year. With Messers UGMK, Russian Coal ,  Bremer , Novotrance and others.

 The group-s railway & shipping companies range from railway operations to shipping transportation and bare boat managers through to dry bulk cargo.




The railway department is focused on the import of goods into Ukraine and the transit of goods through Ukraine.


Our main partners are the railways of Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary.


Our team provides work with 40 international railway crossings, and also serves 18 Ukrainian sea ports of the Black Sea and Azov basins.


Fast and reliable service remains the core mission of the FTS Carriers LTD team.

Thanks to the experience of our team and the quality of our network of partners, the team remains competitive and holds a leading position in the market.


Since 1992, working in 18 Ukrainian seaports of the Black Sea and Azov basins and having rich logistics experience, we have carried out many successful transshipment operations. We have sufficient experience to meet any needs of our customers.


FTS Carriers Ltd is a Cypriot company with European VAT and a representative office in Greece.

We are contractors for freight transport and freight. The company operates vessels with a deadweight of 20,000 to 85,000 MT.



Shipping volume in tons


Years in business



General Business Principles

Our Commitment

FTS CARRIERS LTD General Business Principles drive the behavior expected of every employee in FTS in the conduct of its business at all times.


All FTS stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, the community or the competition, are invited to raise their doubts arrange meeting with us at any possible time convenient for you in order to see how much better we can cooperate toghether.

All information reported will be treated in a confidential manner. The FTS CARRERS Ethical Committee will critically evaluate all incoming reports and address issues according to our principles.

Our Culture

FTS CARRIERS history started in 90ies in Ukraine,  after having founded a ship agency company in 1992, initiated shipping services & railway forwarding activities.


During years of diversification and international growth, FTS CARRIERS LTD has had a value-based culture as one of the core pillars of its sustainability.

Our Business

We are focused on providing efficient, safe and environmentally friendly railway transportation services to the mutual benefit of our customers, employees and all relevant stakeholders. We aspire to be


“A Partner You Can Trust”

We aim to provide railway transport in bulk in segments and niches in which we can develop long term sustainable competitive advantages by adding value to our customers and focusing on customers who value long-term relationships of mutual benefits. FTS is a specialized and flexible organization with a strong culture of service managed by qualified professionals committed to the development of our customers.


To date, 9 specialists work in our office.  My employees use a network of knowledge, experience and connections that have gained more than 150 years of collaboration for manufacturers and sellers working in the field of freight and rail transportation. Our office in Kiev with 5 employees is focused on Intel rail transport and rail operations.




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Head Office

3, Makarios III Avenue,

Loukaides Building flat,

Mesa Geitonia, 4000 Limassol,



Rep. Office

L. Vouliagmenis 44-46,

16673, Voula,



Tel: +30 210 96 89 777

Fax: +30 210 96 59 115

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